By performing all of these components, you can ensure that it is comprehensive. The inspector will be able to identify any foundation cracks, damage to walls and floors, and any other signs of trouble that would warrant a structured foundation repair.

Whether you are buying a new home or you are looking to ensure your current home is in good condition, it’s important to assure the foundation is performing as designed. There is a specific process that should always be followed by the inspection process.

When you learn more about the condition of your foundation, you can make better decisions regarding your home. When you are ready for a foundation inspection, you will meet with our inspector. From there, we will provide you with several things:

  • Exterior drainage inspection: Inspect how the drainage around the home occurs
  • Exterior damage inspection: Identify damage to the outside of the home
  • Review of vegetation: Review how vegetation may be damaging the foundation
  • Interior floor plan: Identify the way the home is built and how it flows
  • Interior damage inspection: Review any damage to the interior of the home
  • Elevation survey: Calculate the slope that the home sits on