When buying your home that has a garage either attached or detached, an inspection should always be performed to ensure your garage is up to standard just as your home is. This can be a vital piece when negotiating the property price if you find problems after the home inspection.

Our home inspector will look at the following areas of the garage when inspecting:

  • Changes in garage door surface, Rust in garage door springs and pulleys, Garage door opening mechanism is working properly
  • Changes in garage floor, Changes in garage walls, Garage gutters are not obstructed
  • Condition of the roof, Condition of the electrical, Condition of the HVAC and Plumbing if present

One of the unique features that define a garage is the door itself. It’s large and often opens with the touch of a button so you don’t have to worry about holding it open. This allows for the space to be used for storage of items that would otherwise not fit in a shed or other areas of the home. If you’ve ever had a broken garage door before, you know the experience can be extremely frustrating. Our inspector will look for the common issues on the garage door like:

  • Check the track to make sure it’s free of obstruction and check for rust or corrosion on all parts.
  • Manually raise your garage door. If it doesn’t stay open, there could be a problem and Make sure the door rollers are lubricated.
  • Observe if the door is making noise louder than usual when opening & closing and Look at the door when closed to see if it is level with the ground.