Do you think you have found the property you want to buy? Don’t close on the purchase just yet. Make sure that you hire professionals to inspect the property. Understandably, you want to guarantee that the structure is sound. Any buyer would want to confirm that there are no electrical, plumbing, roofing and HVAC issues. Also part of that due diligence is ensuring that the house is pest-free.

 Termites, which lead this unpleasant bunch, could have already been eating away at the insides of walls and floors until they’re hollow without the homeowner being any wiser. An inspector with a trained eye and the proper tools will zero in on minuscule traces of termite presence and expose any ongoing infestation.

In case the structure is new and termites have yet to descend, insect inspectors will also note conditions that could lead to an infestation. Conditions that could lead to an infestation include: wood siding contact with the soil. Termite sources like mulch and decaying wood in the vicinity could also lead to an infestation.

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